9 Awesome Celebrity Quotes About Being Body Positive

9 Awesome Celebrity Quotes About Being Body Positive
July 8, 2015 Blue Vanilla

Body positivity is something that we should all be embracing, but that’s easier said than done. We can all look at our reflections in the mirror sometimes and feel upset no matter what we see.

It might be reassuring to know, then, that celebrities often feel the same way. After all they are in the spotlight all the time, as well as having pictures taken of them from the most unflattering of angles and magazines photo-shopping them until they’re unrecognisable and therefore having an effect on how they perceive themselves.

However, many have come up with inspiring outlooks on body positivity and how to tackle your inner criticiser. Here are some of our favourites – because we think every girl should feel good about herself:

Beyonce Credit Flickr Nat Ch Villa

Queen B aka Beyoncé, believes we should all focus on our inner confidence, not how others perceive us:
“Confidence makes a woman sexy. Women should not get caught up in someone else’s definition of beauty. We are too obsessed with what a perfect nose is, or perfect hair, but there is nothing more beautiful than loving yourself and being confident.”

Christina Aguilera Credit Flickr Captain-tucker

Christina Aguilera, besides being renowned for wearing chaps in that raunchy video, is also a big advocate of the body positive movement as she told Marie Claire magazine:
“I don’t weigh myself — it’s all about how I feel in my clothes. What looks good on one person might not look good on another body type. I happen to be very confident in my own skin. It takes time to get to that place, but it’s all about embracing yourself and your body.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Credit lukeford.net

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a gorgeous hourglass figure but even she has received criticism from the media, she knows how to deal with it though:
“I’ve learned that if you’re too skinny, they’ll say something about it. If you’re not skinny enough, they’ll say something about it. I just try to feel good in my own skin as much as I can.”

Mindy Kaling Credit Flickr Dominick D

Mindy Kaling is pretty frank when it comes to her size. She told Vogue magazine that she doesn’t lie about wanting to lose weight or look better but she also doesn’t obsess over it – something we should all aspire to do:
“There’s a whole list of things I would probably change about myself. For example, I’m always trying to lose fifteen pounds. But I never need to be skinny. I don’t want to be skinny. I’m constantly in a state of self-improvement but I don’t beat myself up over it.”

A Converstaion with a Queen with Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah should be an inspiration without adding this great body positive mantra, to her list of successes:
“I think I got to that place by not being happy with the other side — hating your body and criticising yourself all the time. When I was around 18, I looked in the mirror and said, ‘you’re either going to love yourself or hate yourself.’ And I decided to love myself. That changed a lot of things.”

Kate Winslet Credit Flickr Maggiejumps

Back in 2012, Kate Winslet confirmed that she promotes a healthy body image in her home, so her daughter never feels bad about how she looks:
“I accept my body. I accept how I am and make the best of what I am given. Children orientate towards examples. That’s why I talk solely positive about my body in front of my daughter. I say things like ‘Hey, look at my strong arms!’ Or I shake my butt and say ‘Look at my fabulous butt!’ I do that deliberately.”

Christina Hendricks Credit Flickr Magnus Manske

Christina Hendricks is well known for her curvy figure and sex symbol status and often receives a lot of attention about the size of her breasts, as she told the Daily Mail back in 2011:
“I’m learning to celebrate what I was born with, even though it’s sometimes been inconvenient. Having larger breasts has made it harder for me to shop throughout the years, but I’ve learnt to love it.”

Rebel Wilson Credit Flickr Eva Rinaldi

Rebel Wilson walked on stage at the MTV Movie Awards earlier this year dressed in just leather trousers, a bedazzled bra and giant angel wings, in an attempt to prove that all sizes are beautiful and we shouldn’t base our body goals on Victoria Secret models:
“The ‘Bella’ girls are all different shape and sizes and nationalities. I think one of the good messages in the movie is that you’re all beautiful. I think sometimes girls look at Victoria’s Secret models and think that they have to model themselves after that, but I really don’t think that’s the best, even though they are called ‘models,’ they’re not the best people to model yourself after. I like to encourage girls to think.”

Jennifer Lawrence Credit Gage Skidmore

And finally Hollywood’s favourite actress Jennifer Lawrence has some final words about aspiring to be something you don’t need to be:
“I can think of lots of things that taste better than how skinny feels. Potatoes! Bread!”

So now it’s time to go out there and love yourself as you are now. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should look and work it!


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