What AW Coat Are You?
October 9, 2018 Jasmeen Thapa

The transitional month of October delivers a varied blend of emotions. Yes, at last we have the creamy addictive pumpkin spiced latte, but this erratic weather has all of us on edge! The arrival of autumn drives us into a frenzy to find the perfect big cosy coat, with the ever-chillier weather biting at our hands and faces, however none of us want to look like a total frump. All these new trends can be confusing and quite tricky to nail… So should we just abandon fashion? We here at Blue Vanilla say nay!

We understand how puzzling all these new trends can be, DON’T PANIC! We’ve got you covered. We sat down with one of our in-house designers and analysed this season’s trends to bring you the best coat styles of this year. Want to know which coat will suit you down to a tee?… We’ve designed a quick mini quiz to help you discover your perfect Autumn/Winter 18 coat!

Oh and another thing… Comment below which AW18 coat you got and we’ll randomly pick a winner. The winner will receive their coat for FREE!

Take The Quiz

Answer the questions below and make a note of which numbers you get. When you finish tally up which number you got the most then viola! Your perfect AW coat will be waiting for you at the end!

Summer Blues? Pick your dream holiday destination.


  1. Maldives. Where else?
  2. A world tour. Take me all over the globe!
  3. New York. I want a bite of that apple.
  4. Bali. The sun is my bestie.

Strutting on the street. Who is your ultimate style icon?

Style Icon


  1. Kate Middleton. Elegant and sophisticated.
  2. Holly Willoughby. Chic and feminine is my style.
  3. Street style to haute couture, I’m rocking it.
  4. Victoria Beckham. Fashion is my middle name.

You’re running late for work, you haven’t done your make up and you’ve forgotten your makeup bag.  You run to the nearest make-up store, however their card machine is not working and you only have £10 in cash. What are you buying?

Running Late For Work?

Steve J O’Brien

  1. I can’t function without a cat-eye.
  2. The only thing I need, lipstick.
  3. Brows, brows, brows! A brow product.
  4. Foundation… My skin needs to be glowing.

Its date night! You’re going on a blind date tonight, what’s your look?


  1. Less is more. A little black dress with barely there heels.
  2. A floral jumpsuit paired with some stilettos.
  3. Keep it casual. Skinny jeans with a printed top paired with some cute pumps or trainers.
  4. Colour block knitted top styled with a leather skirt and ankle strap heels.

You’re hooked on a TV show! You’re recommending it to everyone, what show is it?

Hooked On Which TV Show?

Planet Radio

  1. Call The Midwife. I know, I know, but trust me it’s actually good.
  2. Love Island. Its over but I’m already excited for the next one!
  3. Black Mirror. Quite dark but very interesting.
  4. Celebrity Big Brother. I wonder who’s going in next season?

You and all your girls are going out for your birthday. What do you have planned?

Birthday Celebration?


  1. A little wine tasting, then an intimate dinner.
  2. Renting a venue and having a get together with family and friends.
  3. Bar hoping, we’re partying till the sun comes up!
  4. I have no idea, my friends have planned a surprise.

Everyone has their go to, their ultimate fashion accessory they couldn’t live without. So which is your must-have fashion item?

Staple Accessory?


  1. A sleek blazer that is versatile and fits all moods.
  2. An outfit isn’t complete without complimentary jewellery.
  3. A classic belt that spices up any outfit.
  4. A decorative clutch for storing all your essentials.

And finally, what’s your everyday makeup look?

Make Up Choice


  1. Eyeliner with rosy cheeks.
  2. Very natural, barely there, ‘woke up like this’ makeup.
  3. Contour galore! Full glam all the time.
  4. Somewhere between 2 and 3.


Results time…

If you mostly got 1: GLORIA- Brushed Check Mustard & Grey Crombie Coat

Fashion for you is a no brainer. Classic elegance is your style and it’s totally working! Everybody’s always asking you where you got your outfit. You love a good restful holiday so you can get back to work recharged. The little things in life are all you need but a little luxury from time to time doesn’t hurt either ;).

GLORIA – Brushed Check Mustard/Grey Crombie Coat


If you mostly got 2: BARBARA- Double Breasted Fur Collar Camel Coat

You exude femininity! Your style is a combination of chic and girly. No need to ask anyone for what’s trending, you are up to date with all things fashion. Travelling is in your veins and you go where the wind takes you. You are a free spirit but enjoy a little bit of structure in your everyday life. We reckon you’re already researching trends for next season!

BARBARA – Double Breasted Fur Collar Camel Coat

If you mostly got 3: MERCER- Green Reversible Shearling Coat

You’re a total wild child at heart! You’re bold and your style has no label, in the morning you feel like dressing down and in the evening you’re daring and dolled up. City breaks? Why not? The lights, the buildings, you love it all. Fitting in is the last of your concerns, you aren’t afraid to be you and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

MERCER – Green Reversable Shearling Coat

If you mostly got 4: ROSANNA- Double Breast Belted Check Coat

You make sophistication look easy. Doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, you are looking effortlessly put together. Wherever you’re going it’s your personal catwalk, you’re strutting your stuff. You’re a total foodie and willing to try out any cuisine! We predict that your wardrobe is full of staple basics and sleek pieces ready for any event.

ROSANNA – Double Breast Belted Check Coat