Beach Holiday in Mexico

Beach Holiday in Mexico
June 22, 2015 Blue Vanilla

‘Your flight to Mexico is now boarding.’

Those are the words you want to hear as you wait in the airport, just after finishing off a glass of Prosecco at the bar, with your hand luggage at your feet and your favourite book just waiting to be read.

As you and your fellow holidaymakers make your way to the gate, you’ll also feel confident that you’re going to look great when you walk onto the beach in Mexico, with its white sand, hot sun and tropical plant life.

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Here at Blue Vanilla we definitely think a floaty kaftan is on the cards for such an occasion, and you can find some great designs to choose from in our very special look book. When it comes to prints it’s time to go wild, with geometric, floral and paisley all on the cards for 2015 summer holidays, which work best when paired with denim shorts and your most comfortable pair of strappy sandals.

Crochet is also having its moment and works best when simply thrown on over your bikini and tanned skin, while sipping a cocktail at the beach bar at lunchtime. Don’t forget to take some spray in conditioner to use on your hair when it gets a little tough to manage due to all the salt and sand.

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Simply spritz on your hands, then comb through your hair with your fingers to keep those wavy, beach bum locks looking hot. If you have to wear make up, a few lashings of waterproof mascara and some bronzer should be all you need to ensure you look perfect in those holiday snapchats you send to everyone back home.

We’re also loving lightweight, skater dresses for the beach here at BV which can be worn throughout the day then dressed up in the evening with a pair of heels and some statement jewellery (plus plenty of after sun), if you aren’t heading back to the hotel before a night out.

What to pack in your bag for your Mexico beach trip:

• A cute bikini – for dips in the sea
• Floaty kimono or skater dress – to cover up when you grab cocktails at lunchtime.
• Sandals – you don’t want to burn your feet on the hot sand!
• Sun cream – no ‘lobster girl’ nickname for you this year.
• Sunglasses – keep those peepers protected.
• Wide brim hat – when the sun gets to be too much you’ll be thankful for this.
• A good book – got to stay entertained while tanning.
• Lip balm – because no one likes dry lips.
• Plenty of water – stay hydrated, girls!

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