All The Inspo You Need For Date Night

So ladies, its that time of year again, love is in the air… as if we needed another reason to click that add to cart button and eagerly await the mail man carrying your gorgeous new outfit! Whether you plan to spend V-day with your bf, hubby, best friend, family or alone with your fabulous self (you do you, boo) Blue Vanilla has the outfits your need, and the date night ideas, to keep you feeling as fresh as roses this Valentine’s day. Want a Valentine’s Day to remember?... Keep on reading…


Date Ideas with a Difference: What to do?

When you first start dating your newly selected, dreamy prince charming, a few drinks, nice meal, and endless pillow talk is all it really takes… but as the honey moon period wanes and you become far too comfortable with each other, it’s time to inject some ‘spark’ into the relationship. Here are 15 novel date ideas, for an exciting Valentine's Day, that won’t break the bank!...

1. Build a Fort

Dig out the fairy lights, old sheets, tent and pillows… time to build the adult den of your lives! Huddle together in your creation, with torches and fairy lights, and let your imaginations run wild!...

2. Bake a Cake

You’ll soon figure out who wears the trouser in the kitchen, roll up your sleeves and get ready for the Great (Home) British Bake Off! Can’t agree on the sponge?... make two!

3. Vintage Shopping

Ready to be a personal stylist for the day? Head to your nearest vintage store, local vintage fair, or even charity shop, set a budget and select your partners outfit!

4. Watch The Sunrise

Make use of Google, locate your nearest mountain top (a small hill will do!), and the time for sunrise, and get your hiking boots on. Set your alarm accordingly, grab a flask of coffee and some tasty breakfast snacks, and watch the beautiful sun rise up.

5. Go Stargazing

Maybe its cliché, but read up on your star signs, download an astronomy app and find your nearest ‘dark zone’. Don’t forget to check the weather before heading out… the starry night sky won’t look much good through clouds!

6. DIY Wine Tasting

Who needs to go to a fancy wine tasting session!?... hold your own! Get down to your local store and buy some new varieties you wouldn’t usually choose. Make things interesting with a blind fold and try guessing each wine, you may discover a new favourite!

7. Learn To Dance

Whether it’s in preparation for your own wedding (do you hear wedding bells?) or just so you can get groovy on your next night out, bite the bullet and take some partners dancing classes. Move those hips and awaken the passion with a salsa or a tango.

8. Film a Tutorial

Up for a good laugh? Get your self-timer on, set up a make shift studio at home… then get to it on a how to tutorial, or recreate your favourite game show/cooking show…. ‘Ready? Steady? Cook’!

9. Take a Boxing Class

Nothing can resolve a heated silly argument like a good play fight, but play fight the right way and burn calories doing it. Sure to leave you feeling calmer, yet invigorated with all those endorphins.

10. Go Road Tripping

It doesn’t have to be far! Pick a destination an hour or so away, even at random, and just driveeee. Alternatively head to the Scottish highlands for a gorgeous drive through the countryside that is sure to put you in touch with your wild side.

11. Sing Karaoke

Nothing quite says ‘true love’ like singing ‘OH I wanna Dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat with somebodayyyyy’… with the one who loves you!

12. Have a Midnight Snack

As we get older, the magical midnight mark loses its appeal… with busy lives and work to wake up for, kids to feed, homes to look after... who has time to enjoy Midnight!? Well get some naughty treats in, make a baileys coffee and stay up late past your bedtime… you will feel the thrill!

13. Play Truth Or Dare

Nothing keeps a relationship alive and kicking, better than honesty (mixed with a little Dare Devil 😈 ), so find a quiet secret place, and let your true self come to light. Struggling to find the right Qs… there are many Truth and Dare games on the market to keep the ball rolling.

14. Time For Game Night

Get out all your favourite old board games, cards, and die… put the phones away, and let your competitive streak take hold. Whether you win or lose, it will have you laughing the night away.

15. Attend a Painting Session

Whether it’s a hosted event or a session at home, get some paints (acrylic is best, or watercolour) and try your hand at painting. This can provide much entertainment and uncover hidden talent!

Date Looks For Every Date: What To Wear

Once you’ve got your plans scheduled in, and the day of the date is looming, it’s time to think about what to wear! This can be stressful, but Blue Vanilla has a style for every occasion… Read on to style it out this V-Day...

Effortlessly Chic

Turn heads in our beautiful, classy, JEANNE dress. The tulip shape accentuates the waist, and 3/4 sleeves/high neckline provide flattering shape and keep you warm. Team with s statement earring and simple heel for an elegant date night look.

JEANNE – High Neck Blue Tulip Dress

Shop JEANNE – High Neck Blue Tulip Dress


Trendy Stay At Home 

Be ultra comfy and stylish whilst building your fort, or baking your cake with our two piece oversized set FLORIE. Available in two colours, and created from a blend of viscose to provide comfort and stretch (so you can keep eating those Valentines chocolate treats).

Shop FLORIE – Grey Sequin Oversized Lips Set


Love Is In The Air

Whats Valentines Day without some hearts? Get in the mood for love with our gorgeous range of diamante detailed heart tops. Available in a range of colours, we have one to suit every style. Team with plain jeans, and a heeled boot or stiletto for the perfect dinner date look.

Shop SUNNIVA – Animal Heart Oversized Batwing Black Top

Shop MIA – Oversized Bling Navy Heart Top

Shop MIA – Oversized Bling Pink Heart Top 

Shop MIA – Oversized Bling Lilac Heart Top


Little Black Dress

Nothing says sexy like a Little Black Dress that will stop him in his tracks. Go for our LENA belted dress to accentuate those curves, a statement earring and a classic heel for a timeless look. Alternatively, go for our floaty SABINE with gorgeous laced sleeves for a more sophisticated elegant style.

Shop SABINE – Lace Sleeve Tunic Black Dress


Sporty Spice

Going on a more active date and still want to look a new, on trend, style? Check out our new trainers, team with a cute oversized tops, and some skinny jeans.

Shop JULIANA – Multicoloured Pastel Chunky Sole Trainers


Pretty In Pink

Hot pink, pastel pink, baby pink... embrace the time of year and get in touch with your pink side. Pink can en-still a lot of feelings, and is best recognised for sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness... Shop our wide range of pretty pink tops, with a shade to suit everyone, you'll sure to leave them blushing this Valentine's day.

Shop TANA – Pleated Long Sleeve Necklace Detail Hot Pink Jumper


Decide on your date, get shopping, don on your beautiful outfit, and spread some love!

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