Winter Skincare Essentials: Tips and Tricks



The ferocity of winter has arrived early this year in London. The bitter breeze has started to bombard our delicate skin and oh we are feeling it. But it isn’t just the weather outside, say hello to central heating and hot steamy showers which really aren’t the best things for your skin. Time to switch up your skincare!


When it comes to skincare it’s hard to determine what’s best for your skin. Mastering your skincare routine can be quite difficult while it’s effortless for some. The approaching winter months pose another dilemma especially if your skin type is already problematic. With all the festive celebrations, your skin will require some extra TLC. Here are some tips on keeping your skin happy this festive season.



1) Opt for an oil cleanser

Switch out your gel/foam cleanser for an oil cleanser. Using an oil cleanser is part of a 2 step cleansing process termed double cleansing, which includes using an oil cleanser or balm first to remove sunscreen, makeup and excess sebum then followed by a gel or foam cleanser to clean the skin. Oil cleansers are excellent for winter as they are not as stripping on the skin as foaming formulations.


2) You still need SPF, even on grey days

Don’t forget your sunscreen, even on cloudy days! The summer sun may not be shinning anymore but the UV rays are still prominent. Did you know that snow nearly doubles your exposure to UV rays?! So, ensure that you continue using sunscreen this winter to avoid sun damage.


3) Add an oil to your moisturiser

Sounds a bit strange but it’s a trick that I’ve been using for years and it definitely works! Mix no more than 1-2 drops of oil into your favourite moisturiser every morning before your SPF. It provides extra moisture, protection from the harsh cold, and can calm down rashes. This trick is ideal for those who don’t want to switch to thicker formulations during winter. It also works for oily skins types, I have problematic oily skin and this trick aids in keeping my skin calm.


4) Consider a nightly repair serum

There is some evidence that your skin regenerates faster during the night than the day, peak regeneration period being between 11pm to midnight. Take advantage of this peak period by adding a repair serum to your winter night skincare routine. Serums are formulas consisting of smaller molecules designed to penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. Adding a repair serum to your winter night regime will help fight dryness, signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.


5) Grab a face mist

Facial mists are still in their infancy in the western world but Southeast Asian women swear by it. It’s a staple in their skincare regimes aiding in skin suppleness and hydration. Really, facial mists are great for all year round, keeping you cool in the summer and bringing back moisture and hydration back to your skin in the winter. Use a facial mist throughout the day to keep skin hydrated and refreshed.


6) Pamper yourself with a sheet mask

Akin to facial mists, sheet masks are still a very new thing to us but in Southeast Asia they are used daily to keep skin looking youthful. Using them daily sounds like a chore, instead take some time out of your week and pamper yourself by using a sheet mask 1-3 times weekly. Using sheet masks during winter is a great way to restore moisture and uplift your skins health. There’s a plethora of sheet masks on the market to delve into, try out new masks weekly to perk up your skin and keep your skin routine exciting.



Products available from Boots, Superdrug and JohnLewis.
Please ensure that you carefully read the instructions of the mentioned products. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

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