Easy Summer Recipes For The Busy Girl

Easy Summer Recipes For The Busy Girl
June 4, 2015 Blue Vanilla

We’re holding out for summer here at Blue Vanilla – the crochet has arrived, the 70s prints are prepped and there is an abundance of kaftans, ready for sandy beaches and poolsides.

While you might look great in the summer heat, the last thing you want to do in it is cook. That’s why we’ve put together some super simple summer recipes for the busy girl like you, who will be out and about visiting beer gardens, heading to festivals and simply enjoying the fresh air.

So save yourself hours over a hot stove and try creating these dishes to enjoy a tasty, carefree summer:

Naan Pizza
You’ve probably seen this idea bouncing around the Internet lately and it’s a good one, the naan bread basically acts as the pizza base so there’s no need to mix up your own dough. Here’s how to make a tasty summer version:

You will need
• 1 plain naan bread (or two mini naans)
• 3 tbsp tomato passata
• Mozzarella slices
• 5 cherry tomatoes sliced in half
• Baby spinach leaves

It’s as simple as grilling your naan bread for two minutes, then adding your passata, mozzarella and fresh veggie toppings and popping it all back under the grill until everything is melted and cooked! It’s so quick and easy, plus the fresh tomatoes and baby spinach will basically trick you into thinking you’re eating a delicious salad.

Blue Vanilla image pizza

BLT Salsa Salad
Talking of salad, this is one of the simplest ones you can create and is refreshing on those summer nights, enjoyed with a (big) glass of white wine, of course.

You will need
• 3 rashers of bacon
• 2 handfuls baby spinach leaves
• Cucumber slices
• Pine nuts
• 2 boiled eggs

For the salsa
• 6 cherry tomatoes
• Red onions
• Red chilli peppers
• Lime juice
• Sea salt

Simply grill the bacon until it’s crispy, then chuck it into a bowl with all of your chopped salad vegetables. Top off with a sprinkle of pine nuts (which are great for boosting energy, improving eye health and suppressing your appetite) the warm boiled eggs and salsa.

The salsa is easily created by simply finely chopping the ingredients, squeezing on your lime juice and salt and mixing together. This meal features lots of protein and good fats so you’ll feel pretty good once you’ve finished eating and is great for after a workout.

Blue Vanilla girl cooking

Summer Sangria
What would summer be without a big jug of ice-cold sangria, finished off with fresh slices of citrus fruit? Here’s a super simple recipe for those summer BBQs or evenings spent sat out in the garden:

You will need
• Red wine
• Orange juice
• Lemonade
• Frozen fruit (we think mixed berries works best)
• Orange slices

For the perfect summer drink simply pour the wine and orange juice in equal measures into a jug, then top off with a little lemonade. Depending on your preference throw in the frozen fruit or fresh orange slices (or both) and get sipping.

Blue Vanilla image sangria

Or if you’re simply too busy just make your boyfriend/housemate/parents cook for you! They’ll understand.