How To Become A Fashion Photographer Using Your iPhone

How To Become A Fashion Photographer Using Your iPhone
May 28, 2015 Blue Vanilla

Remember the days when you would take your old digital camera out with you to parties or trips to the zoo and then that significant moment when you realised you could just use your iPhone instead?

That was the day the world of photography changed for you.

Most of us now carry sentimental, photographic memories around with us, on our smartphones, and if we get the urge to take a shot we can just pull them out, there and then. But what if you want to take images on par with a fashion photographer?

Could you use your humble iPhone to take photos good enough to feature in a look book?

We spoke to Kim Jobson, Creative Visual Manager at UCLA Clothing, about the world of fashion photography and how to become a fashion photographer with just you, some great clothes and an iPhone in tow.

Kim told us: “Obviously the quality won’t be the same compared to a proper camera but there’s no reason why you can’t still create incredible looking images with your iPhone. It’s all about lighting and interesting compositions! And some fun editing apps!”

When it comes to apps to enhance your images there are many out there. A lot of beauty and fashion bloggers swear by Afterlight. You do have to pay 79p for this app but it’s worth every penny because it can take any image and enhance it afterwards, it can even be used to replace the camera function on your phone.

Here’s an edit we made earlier using Afterlight, with a little help from fashion and beauty blogger Tami, of The photo on top is the before and the one below the edited version:

Before and after Afterlight

Kim also recommends the VSCOcam app: “I’ve played with quite a few but that one is definitely my favourite,” she told us. “I pretty much edit all of my iPhone images with it. After that it goes into Instasize to pop a border on it, so I don’t have to square crop it for Instagram.”

The VSCOcam app is free to download and the collage images were created using the Pic Jointer app. The lovely Tami helped us out again and tested out the app for you. Same as before, original on top, edited version below:

Before and after VSCOcam

We all have a favourite photo editor app but sometimes you need one or two for different types of image. Get downloading and play with your photos before you settle on the perfect one – and do your research before downloading any paid for ones!

When it comes to location and how to take your fashion shots, Kim has some sound advice: “If you have a tripod to hand then always use a tripod. You don’t need to be restricted to a dirty mirror, in a dim lit, messy bedroom that way. But remember you don’t always have to take a full-length picture to show your outfit. Laying it out or taking detail shots of how you’re wearing it and collaging it all together look great.

“Lighting is the most important thing when shooting anything, so make sure you’re taking them at the peak of great daylight. It’s a lot less editing to do afterwards as well if you at least get the exposure right.”

For her job working with UCLA Kim gets to travel to LA every year to shoot the look book, which means bright gorgeous sunshine to achieve the perfect sun kissed fashion shots. We asked whether she prefers to shoot outside or inside:

“Oh, that’s a hard one. It all depends on what I’m shooting. I do love natural light indoors or studio shooting but outside just offers so much more variety! And a lot more interest in the image.”

When it comes to poses many budding fashion photographers armed with just an iPhone might wonder how best to position themselves for the shot. “To be honest I think fashion photography is pretty flexible with what you can create,” Kim told us.

Kim Jobson 1

“It depends on the brief but it’s always best to let yourself experiment. If it doesn’t work you can just move on and change the position to make it work. Fashion photography should be creative; fashion is all about being expressive with your look so try to reflect this in your photos.

“I started my career using cameras pretty much straight away. I did Art & Design at college so I started out with using their film cameras, then bought my own digital camera off eBay and it went on from there. But smartphones are now creating new routes into fashion photography – and making things a lot easier for the fashion bloggers out there!”

Kim Jobson 2