The Tomboy’s Guide To Dressing For Weddings

The Tomboy’s Guide To Dressing For Weddings
July 3, 2015 Blue Vanilla

It’s that dreaded time of year when you have to scour the high street and online for that perfect outfit for a wedding (or three) you’ve been invited to throughout the summer. For some of us, wearing a dress just feels a little unnatural but what on earth do you wear for a wedding if you’re not into shaving your legs and getting them out for all to see?

Hating dresses doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good or even feminine. You just need a suitable alternative, like these…

Rock a suit
The androgynous trend is definitely dominating the fashion world this season and models such as Ruby Rose are paving the way for some tomboy chic.

Yes ladies, we too can swan up to the church in a matching suit and trouser combo and probably look better than the boys. Not only are they super comfortable you can even wear them for work afterwards – two outfits for the price of one!

If you don’t want to wear boring black or grey, then there are plenty of printed options out there for you to get your hands on.

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Or try a jumpsuit
An all-in-one for a wedding? Why not? Jumpsuits are super comfortable and actually work great with flat shoes and a smart blazer, casually thrown over your shoulders, for instant wedding day chic.

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Pull on a waistcoat
Waistcoat jackets are very much in this season and work great for those tomboys after a chic look for an upcoming wedding, minus the overpriced dress. Look for a waistcoat that falls longer than your body that can be worn over a crisp white blouse and printed trouser combo.

Short shorts
Okay, maybe not too short – and this will require a razor – but they are a great way of mixing up your outfit options, plus if you’re feeling brave and fancy wearing heels you can create an illusion of longer legs that even Taylor Swift would be envious of. Work yours with a cami top and a lightweight blazer.

But most of all, just be you. Don’t think that because you’re going to a wedding that you have to meet some sort of feminine standard; your friends have invited you because they want you to be there, so it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you are present and celebrating with them (although you will get side eye from their parents if you turn up in a hoody and jeans, just a warning).

To sum up:
• There’s nothing wrong with completely avoiding the dress section.
• Trousers are perfect for getting down on the dancefloor.
• Shorts are great for those tomboys who still like to show a little leg.
• A sleeveless jacket is a great way of jazzing up a shirt and trouser ensemble.
• Jumpsuits combine everything you need: comfort, style, femininity and the tomboy look.
• Comfort is key, not optional.
• Your friends won’t care what you wear, so long as you turn up. Just avoid jeans.
• An all white outfit is always a no-no, even if you’ve opted for the tomboy look.

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